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Save The Crump Sign

Erected in 1874 by Attorney John A. Keith, it originally had shops in the front of the building and a small auditorium in the back for use as an Opera House and later Vaudeville. The Crump family owned the building from 1889 until 1931 when it was sold to Mr. & Mrs. Luis Holwager.

In 1934, when movies were invented, Mr. Trueman Rembusch converted it into a movie theater. He operated it as a movie theater until 1994, sometimes leasing it and for one period owning it.

In 1989 Mr. Vernon Jewel learned that Mr. Rembusch was seeking bids to demolish the building. He purchased it to prevent that. When Mr. Rembusch decided it was no longer profitable and discontinued the movies in 1994, Mr. Jewel sold the building to the Columbus Capital Foundation on behalf of Historic Columbus Development. Their goal was to offer dollar movies but a series of misfortunes befell the building-the boiler broke down; the roof leaked profusely and damaged the interior; the marquee fell into disrepair and became an eyesore to downtown Columbus.

A new roof was installed. In 2001 the marquee was returned to its original glory.

When work began in September of 2002 to clean and ready the theater for company, Rovene Quigley volunteered to serve as an unpaid Project Manager to oversee the needed repairs to the old girl. She is continuing work with any volunteers she can get to help with the work.

The Electric Panels have been replaced. The Boiler has been repaired. Old broken seats have been removed and the remaining seats have been repaired and cleaned. The old worn-out plumbing has been replaced or repaired. The stage floor has been resurfaced. Many dusty corners have been cleaned. The Stairways, Upper Restrooms, Lounges, Boiler Room and Dressing Rooms have been painted.

Although many areas need cosmetic upgrades, the theater is now being used for live performances and occasional movies for organizations. In 2003 we had 9 public performances, in 2004 we had 35, in 2005 we had 34, in 2006 we had 40, and 2007 we had 50 performances.

The teens and young adults of Columbus have claimed the theater as “Their Own” and we are having several concerts each month with their genre of music. Traveling bands on tour are being scheduled into the theater along with local bands. The attendance at these concerts continues to increase.

We held Firemen’s Cheer Fund Aid Concerts in 2004 and 2005, 2006 and 2007, held Katrina Relief and Turning Point Benefits, and are talking with several other venues to come to the theater.

The Crump is becoming well known for the Paranormal activity there. We have had eight Ghost Hunter Groups spend at least one night there. Last spring we had a Paranormal Convention with over 200 people attending.

For last year’s John Mellencamp concert we were able to finish the balcony and provide three fire exits – two are inside stairways and one exterior stairway. This allows much more use of the theater.

The Columbus Capital Foundation consists of their President, Albert “Hutch” Schumaker;  Secretary, Randy Tucker; and Project/Facilities Executive Director, Rovene Quigley.

But we need your help. It costs money to do the rest of the cosmetic fix-ups. If you as an individual or your company or organization is willing to contribute funds, supplies or even volunteer help, please contact Rovene here at the Crump.

The Crump is a timeless piece of Indiana history which must be preserved for generations to come!

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