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Crump TheatreCrump TheatreCrump TheatreCrump Theatre

The Crump is currently not available for bookings.

Please contact the Bartholomew County Arts & Cultural Council for additional information.


So is there paranormal activity at the Crump Theatre?

To most groups who have investigated the Crump Theatre, they will tell you absolutely! The place is full of history. Many people have stepped through this theatre over the years. There is a segregation area upstairs that blacks were forced to sit in to watch shows. Many people have reported seeing the shadow of a man coming out of the segregation area.

Shadows can at times been seen throughout the theatre.

Voices are heard in the Nursery area where women used to nurse their babies while still being able to watch the shows.

There is so much original furniture, counters and relics that you are transported back in time just upon entering the theatre.

Groups have a multitude of evidence they have gotten from the Crump. Video evidence, EVPs and of course plenty of personal experiences.

If you are a serious investigator or someone who is genuinely interested in the paranormal, check out the Crump. It rarely leaves you disappointed!



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Have some evidence you would like to share on this page of the website? If you or your group investigated the Crump, we will give your group all the credits but would love to share info with the public. Click here and email us your group name, the date of your investigation at the Crump, a description of the evidence or photo and contact information so that we may verify the information and validity. Be sure to attach the evidence as well.

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