Couples As Mentors


A husband and wife are matched with one child.

Be married for at least 1 year.

Activities are enjoyed as a couple within and outside the community.

Community-based Mentoring is the traditional Big Brothers Big Sisters relationship. It’s all about one-on-one time spent with the volunteer and the young person doing things they enjoy — one hour a week filled with shared interests and activities like:

  • Shooting hoops

  • Playing a board game

  • Sharing a pizza

  • Taking a walk in the park

  • Or just hanging out and talking.

The schedule can be flexible to meet the needs of mentors and young people in different kinds of situations. Some Bigs meet their Littles on the weekend or in the evening. Others get together with their Littles after school. There’s almost no one so busy that they can’t find a way to fit in a few hours a month.

What We Acheive

Higher aspirations, greater confidence, better relationships

Do you remember someone who encouraged you to believe in yourself, who encouraged you to work hard in school and in life? Big Brothers Big Sisters, with the help of donors, volunteers, partners, advocates and supporters, encourages the next generation of children. Our programs encourage children to set higher goals for high schools and college, improve their confidence in themselves, and help them have better, stronger relationships with their families.

Downloadable Forms


Click here to download the AIM/High Five (School Lunch Program)

Click here to download an application (Community Based)


Click here to download an application for the AIM (Lunch Program)

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How do we know?

At the heart of all that Big Brothers Big Sisters does is our steadfast commitment to measuring and refining our programs to ensure we are making the most effective and longest lasting impact possible. We hold ourselves accountable to the donors, partners, advocates, and families that make our work possible. We hold ourselves accountable to the 240,000 Bigs that are making a difference in the lives of children each and every day. And we hold ourselves accountable to a generation of children ready to be impacted by our programs.